Brother Word Processor

My writing career started when I was 15 years old. I sat down at an old Brothers Word Processor, green screen and all, and wrote a children’s book. An epic saga about gnomes, yeah the little pointy hat lawn ornament type, and promptly buried the manuscript in a pile of self-doubt. Sure it was a world-changing tale of adventure, but THIS guy was not about to put his precious work out where others could see it. So I joined the U.S. Coast Guard to live the adventure I so sought out to write. And I promptly forgot all about my gnome book.

Flash forward a decade and you will find me at Northern Arizona University. I had been a public affairs specialist in the Coast Guard, a seductive life full of photojournalism and news cameras, but the siren call of an English degree beckoned. In college, I wrote creative short stories full of zombie wiener dogs and philosophical narratives on the life of a poor college student. I also fell in love with folk and fairy tales and my main emphasis of study ended up being children’s literature.

Flash forward another decade and you come to where I am now. I’m still in the Coast Guard (love this great service and its people) and currently work at the U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Academy as an instructor. I get to teach writing, so hey…that English degree finally paid off! I recently finished my Masters Degree in Management with a focus in Public Relations at University of Maryland University College…because writers need advanced management degrees, right? I am also finishing up an International Coach Federation-certified professional coaching program and loving every minute. If I can help people find the passion to get their stories out, and the fortitude to go through the publishing process, I will have taken one more step towards fulfilling my life’s purpose.

As far as wordsmithing goes, I am currently writing a series of origin tales, released right here on this website, and a children’s book series that will be going to print soon. I write everything for my son, Ronan, who loves to hear a good tale before bed. And for you, the reader, who I hope finds as much joy and wonder in my humble works as I do in writing them. I truly believe writing with passion and focused intent can be the single most important endeavor anyone can ever do. That and be really good at table tennis.

Me and my son