Origin Tales


A few years ago, I started telling my son, Ronan, a series of stories I coined as “Origin Tales.” Origin Tales, or more precisely origin myths, have been around since the dawn of time in every culture on the planet. They are the tales elders told their young to explain why the world was the way it was. Origin myths explain reality, or our limited understanding of reality.

Growing up in Arizona, Native American nature  myths have always been a favorite of mine. The trickster coyote and his antics. Thunder bird and his troubles. These stories tickled my imagination and gave me a new sense of wonder for the harsh desert around me.

I wanted that same sense of wonder for my son…and now for you. As part of my first series of original works, I am gifting to you some of the Origin Tales I told (or am telling) my son. Please feel free to share shamelessly. Read them to your children, read them to each other, or read them yourself. And when someone asks you if the story is true, like my son does to me all the time, smile at them and say “What if?”

Stay Tuned!


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